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What Our CAREGivers are Saying About Us
Beaverton, Oregon - 2015


"I love the caregiving work, but I couldn't do this without the support of Home Instead. It's everything the office provides that makes me know I can do this...the training, the support, the encouragement. When I have concerns, my friends in the office truly listen and provide just the answers I need. Then I know, they really do care about me. As a Home Instead CAREGiver, I feel like I nurture life ... my clients' and my own."

Jamee Henson-Hammer, Home Instead CAREGiver


"I started my working career in 1965, and in all that time, Home Instead is the best company I have worked for. I really appreciate that the owner, Mike Brunt, takes the time each month to write us CAREGivers a letter. What I like most about Mike and his office team is that they are real people who are truly concerned about others. I think that Mike's faith is what gives him that genuine character. In the secular world we live in, people are so cynical. But Mike thinks the best of and does the best for all the people he has responsibility for, including his employees."

Elizabeth Jamison, Home Instead CAREGiver


"I came to work for Home Instead to learn, but the reason why I have stayed for almost 8 years now is for the respect...the respect I have for my clients and the respect I feel from the owner and the office staff. It's amazing to work for a company where the people know my heart, where I am respected as an individual, and where I can feel part of a team. For me, this work is not just about wages, and I also don't feel that the company is overly focused on money. Instead, the focus is on supporting the CAREGivers and the clients we serve. To me, it's all about the seniors. I love knowing their routines, talking to them about what they are interested in, and making a real difference in their lives. We help them to stay at home longer and to keep feeling independent and respected as they age."

Jan Wiser, Home Instead CAREGiver


"I have an affinity for working with older people, and I have found Home Instead to be a very supportive place to do that work. I have made meaningful connections with the people here. With the clients, of course, but also with Mike, the franchise owner, with the office staff, and with the other CAREGivers. In fact, another CAREGiver, Jan, quickly became one of my best friends. Not many companies have the courage to list their first core value as "honoring God in all we do," but Home Instead does. I truly appreciate that. Plus, I love when I get a client who is excited about football. My son played in college, and it's really fun to connect with the seniors on that level."

Kathi Costa, Home Instead CAREGiver


"My parents were married for 58 years , and both lived to be 93 years old. We were fortunate that they did not decline mentally. Working with dementia clients is heartbreaking to me, but I feel so good about helping those families in distress. After 3 years, I have worked with every type of personality and with clients of every level of need. As Christians, my mom and dad taught me to be patient. I've learned that it is a reward to be patient because the elderly let you see their true selves when you give them time. My work with Home Instead has been both challenging and rewarding. Home Instead has supported me and happily trained me like no other company. Home Instead is truly unique. Every person has value here!"

Janice Randolph, Home Instead CAREGiver


"Our Home Instead Senior Care franchise is a wonderful place to work. The owner, managers, and staff are all amazing professionals who: respect your needs with flexible schedules, offer training, and use great care in matching caregivers to clients. My passion for caregiving and empathy for seniors has brought me to Home Instead. Because of this company, I can give compassionate care to our clients. I go to work every day with a smile, because I know what I am doing is really making a difference for the clients and their families."

Pam Keys, Home Instead CAREGiver


"I love my clients with Home Instead. As a CAREGiver, you really become the bright spot in the client's life and day. One of my clients calls me his "sunshine" when I wake him up in the morning. It's such a great feeling to be the one he looks forward to seeing in the morning. It's a feeling you can't buy. I used to work in HR for a bigger company. When I moved on, I really wanted to do a job that was more about compassion and heart. With Home Instead, I definitely got that!"

Carolann Carson, Home Instead CAREGiver


"I have been a Home Instead CAREGiver for 14 years and have been with this particular franchise for 2 of those years. The rewards that I've received from my clients along the way have been way beyond anything I could ever give to them. I enjoy the relationships that I develop with my clients, their families, and their friends. Before becoming a Home Instead CAREGiver, I worked in a high end salon. I felt unfulfilled. I felt there must be more out there for me to do besides going to a job day in and day out. Home Instead was my answer! I now could never imagine doing anything else! The Home Instead office I currently work for has the most awesome group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working for. They are supportive beyond compare. I feel like they are an extension of my family. I am blessed!"

Teddi Hall, Home Instead CAREGiver


"Working for Home Instead has been rewarding in many ways. Home Instead has always been supportive and provided excellent training and support. Through the years, flexibility of schedules has allowed me to take classes, trips with my family, babysit my grandson, etc. Thank you Home Instead!"

Jacklyn Graveson, Home Instead CAREGiver


"With years of experience working in the medical community, Home Instead was a welcome change for me. I appreciated the part-time opportunity with more of a one-to-one relationship focus. When I started with Home Instead, my husband was battling melanoma cancer. Home Instead understood my role as a family caregiver and scheduled my hours in ways that worked for me and my husband. Over time, I have had so many wonderful and rewarding times with Home Instead clients. I also learned a lot about myself along the way. After over 4 years on the job, I still feel that Home Instead is a great company to work for."

Ruth Dragoo, Home Instead CAREGiver


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